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Mango Panna Sharbat 750 ml (12 Pcs In Box)

Natural and herbal products 100 % Vegetarian
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The tangy taste and nourishing properties of Mango combine in PatanjaliAam Panna to cool you and provide instant relief from sun strokes. Made with raw mangoes and special salts, the sweet-and-sour traditional Indian drink is a crowd puller on hot summer days. 

The digestive properties of the juice help fight acids, cool the stomach and boost digestion. 

A product of PatanjaliAyurved, the delicious drink gives you a shot of much-needed energy on exhausting summer days, without loading you with artificially concocted chemical formulas. Consume daily in summer to find relief from the heat and enjoy a tasty Indian drink.

Each 10ml contains:
 Aam—mangiferaindica: 4.0g
 Sendhanamak—sodiichloridum: 325mg 
Kala namak —sodiichloridum: 325mg 

Cools body in hot temperatures 
 Provides relief from sun stroke 
Has digestive properties
Cools stomach 
Fights weakness Relieves thirst

2 tablespoons twice daily or 30 ml mixed in water 
Add ice if required 
Serve chilled 

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